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Make yourself look a million dollars

Do you often cringe at photos of you and wish that you looked a bit more polished or glamorous? Of course you do. I'm not saying you're hideously ugly, but all of us could do with a bit of 'touch-up' if we want photos of us to look as good as how we think we look in our heads.

Step forward Facetune, a photo retouching app with a powerful toolset. It will give you the same kind of edge that those pixel-perfect celebrities have in glossy magazines. Goodbye wrinkles, farewell cellulite, adios warts!

Cheaper than botox

Unlike other iOS image editors like Photoshop Touch or Snapseed, Facetune is specifically designed for retouching photos. All of its many editing tools can help you touch up a portrait or a selfie in some way. You can widen a smile, whiten teeth, change your eye color, refine your jaw line, hide gray hair, and much more.

These effects are achieved through one or a combination of the retouching tools that appear along the bottom of the Facetune interface. For instance, there's a smoothen tool, a patch, red-eye removal, defocus, and more.

There's also a handy crop tool, as well as lots of cool filters and frames to help give your images a striking artistic effect.

You can import any image on your device to be edited in Facetune, or use your camera. Once you're done with your creation you can save it or share it on your favorite social network or messaging service.

10-minute makeover

The idea is that by applying these different tools to a face you can remove imperfections and enhance its best features. It takes a while to figure out what each tool is best used for, though if you don't have the time to experiment yourself there are some helpful video tutorials available in the app's help section.

Facetune's user interface is clear and well designed. Once you've selected your tool, you simply manipulate the photo with your finger to apply it. You can pinch to zoom in and get more precise, or pan around the image by holding down both fingers and swiping around.

There's a button in Facetune that shows you the original image when you hold it down, and multiple undo/redo to help you correct mistakes.

The internet's next top model?

Facetune lets you have the face you've always dreamed of. The app fun to learn and the tools within the app are surprisingly powerful once you've mastered them.

Facetune is ideal for beautifying yourself to fool people on sites like Facebook, Snapchat or Tinder into thinking that you're model material. If you already are model material, why not use it to make yourself look ugly and stop creeps hassling you on social media?

Every photo can use a touch-up. That’s why magazines have professionals that photoshop everyone to make them look their best. Until today, the rest of the world had to settle for less. Not anymore. Facetune provides intuitive, powerful tools previously reserved for the pros. Now you can make sure all your photos look just the way you want. In a world constantly becoming more visual, perfecting your photos before sharing them online is as important as combing your hair before you leave the house.

With Facetune, you can:

• Smooth skin: Remove wrinkles and skin blemishes, and give your skin a glowing look.

• Remove stray hair. Eyebrows a bit bushy? Forgot to shave in the morning? Combine the smooth and patch tools for the exact look you desire.

• Implant hair or color gray hair: Why be unhappy about your hair? Use our tones tool to color gray hair, and combine the patch and tones tool for hair implant.

• Clear away local, temporary imperfections such as pimples: our patch tool can handle even the most severe case of acne. Having acne when your photo was taken no longer means that you have to carry it with you for life!

• Enhance your eyes for a deep, penetrating look!

• Change eye color or remove red-eye and white-eye effects.

• Apply blush or powder just like using real makeup with the smooth and tones tools.

• Remove dark circles under eyes.

• Focus by defocusing: Be the star of your photos! Defocus the background like pro cameras do automatically.

• Bonus: Tons of effects! Create customized filters, combining a variety of effects:

• Frame the photo.

• Place it on stylized paper backgrounds.

• Manipulate the lighting or lens through which the photo was shot.

• One tap compare: easily compare your edited photo to the original one at every stage of the process.

• High resolution: edit up to 8MPixel photos.

• Instantly share the retouched photos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, or via email.


  • Range of powerful retouching tools
  • Fun learning curve
  • Video tutorials
  • Lots of filters and frames


  • No 'instant fix'

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Facetune for iPhone

  • Paid
  • In English
  • V 2.8.6
  • 3.1
  • (13)
  • Security Status

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